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After Delays, LeRoy Spray Park Closer to Opening

By Chris Butler
le roy spray park
The not-yet-open brand-new spray park in Le Roy.
Photo by Howard Owens.

A new spray park that was supposed to open in LeRoy more than a year ago is approaching its likely opening, although, as of Friday, that date is still undetermined.

This is according to LeRoy Town Supervisor James Farnholz.

Farnholz said this week that construction is done. Members of the Monroe County Water Authority pressure-tested the spray park this week.

“We did the pressure test, and it passed. The chlorine test was done, and it passed,” Farnholz said Friday.

“Because we are seasonal, Monroe County Water takes the water meters in and out every season. They don’t leave them there. The water meters are going in today. If all the water park gods shine on us, we may be able to have a test run this afternoon.”

Farnholz said, however, that due to 90-degree temperatures, “the chances of getting it tested today are probably a little slim.”

One of the delays over the past year, Farnholz said, was based on figuring out what to do with the water once it's sprayed and drained.

“You have two options. You can either recycle it — which requires an extensive system of chlorination and inspection — or continually use fresh water,” Farnholz said.

“When we looked at the dollar figures, it was more cost-effective to continually use fresh water. It has a timer on it. It’s not unlike a hotel hot tub. You hit the timer, and you get 20 minutes, so it doesn’t run continuously. The kids can just hit the button again, and off you go.”

The spray park is a cooperative venture between the town and the village. The village owns the pool, and the town runs it. American Rescue Plan money funded it. Farnholz said the contractor is based out of Texas.

The pressure coming from the water main from Monroe County into the lines that go to the spray park must hold a certain amount of pressure to ensure no leaks occur underground.

As reported in 2021, the spray park will have 2,000 square feet of misting stations, aqua arches, showers, spills, and water weaves of intertwining spouts from the base outward. Activities are geared for kids of all ages and sizes. The park is handicap accessible. 

Because it is technically not even gray water, the health department allows LeRoy to run it into the wetlands on the other side of the tracks and in the woods.

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