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County asking residents to voluntarily conserve water during heat of the summer

By Press Release

Press Release:

Genesee County is committed to ensuring a sustainable and reliable water supply for its residents. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our water infrastructure and maintain water security, we are announcing the implementation of voluntary water restrictions.

The Genesee County Water Project is a vital initiative aimed at enhancing the efficiency and resilience of our water system. This project involves the upgrade and maintenance of critical infrastructure components, such as water treatment plants, distribution networks, and storage facilities. These improvements will help us meet the increasing demand for water, address aging infrastructure challenges, and ensure the long-term availability of clean and safe water for our community.

We kindly request the cooperation of all residents, businesses, and institutions within Genesee County to participate in voluntary water restrictions to reduce water consumption without causing undue inconvenience. By conserving water collectively, we can make a significant difference while minimizing the impact on daily life.

Key details regarding the voluntary water restrictions are as follows:

  1. Outdoor Watering Restrictions: Residents are requested to limit outdoor watering of lawns, gardens, and landscapes. It is essential to refrain from watering during the hottest parts of the day to maximize water absorption.
  2. Vehicle Washing: Minimize vehicle washing for essential purposes only. Consider using commercial car wash facilities that recycle water, reducing overall consumption.
  3. Non-Essential Water Use: Limit non-essential water usage, such as filling swimming pools, decorative fountains, and other recreational water features.
  4. Water Conservation Practices: We encourage all residents to adopt water-saving habits, including fixing leaks promptly, installing efficient fixtures, and utilizing water-efficient appliances.
  5. Community Awareness: Regular updates and reminders will be shared through local media, community platforms, and our official website to keep everyone informed.

It is important to note that these water restrictions are voluntary at this stage. Mandatory water restrictions may be implemented if public health and safety are put at risk. By following these suggestions, each individual contribution will add up significantly.

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